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Beneath the Dutch mountains: comic stories #2

A project I've been working on for a few years. I'm world building a concept, where I'm combining Dutch folklore, myths and fantasy with the dutch present and past society.

As part of continuing to world-build Beneath the Dutch mountains I've started doing some scenes in comic book form. To change pace from from the elaborate illustrations I've been doing to something where I can get some more small stories going.

This is my second comic attempt. This time I did a decent layout for the whole sequence, so this one should work better and take less time to make. Using maya and Fuse for characters and the plane.

Bobby de groot layout pg1

Pencils for page one of a twelve page sequence. Bunnyrabbits and a Messerschmitt B 109. Stay tuned for more.

Bobby de groot layout pg2

Pencils for page two of a twelve page sequence. I'd love to work with a real letterer. The vrooaam sound fx still sucks

Bobby de groot layout pg3

Pencils for page three of a twelve page sequence.

Bobby de groot layout pg4

Pencils for page four of a twelve page sequence.

Bobby de groot layout pg5 copy

Pencils for page five of a twelve page sequence.