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Cruise Patrol : Short Film

On a long and dusty road a routine cruise patrol takes an unexpected turn and spirals totally out of control.

Cruise Patrol is an animated short that takes you on a wild ride. It has been screened at over 70 festivals in more than 26 countries and has won several awards and nominations. We thank all the folks who graciously helped us realise this film.

Bobby de Groot

Direction and edit
Bobby de Groot
Arjan van Meerten

Arjan van Meerten
Kas Ophof
Bobby de Groot
Willem-Jan L. van Rootselaar

Kas Ophof
Willem-Jan L. van Rootselaar
Arjan van Meerten
Edwin Schaap
Bobby de Groot
Nanda van Dijk
Sander Kamermans
Frian Lit
Ruud Renting
kiki Goené
Joost de Jong
Gary Fouchy
Jérémy Guerrieri
Eric Reniers
Rene Hoekstra
Nick Groeneveld

Cg artists
Percy van Tienhoven
Louise van Putten
Henry Brummelman
Tim de Haan
Roy Nieterau
Niels van der Heijden
Compositing & technical direction
Sven Neve
Arjan van Meerten

Foley and mix
Jeroen Nadorp at Bob Kommer studios

music by
Troy Torino

With thanks
Egbert 'Pekke' de Ruiter
Martin de Lange

Eternally inspired by:
Sergio Leone
John Carpenter
Martin Edmond
Mick McMahon