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Beneath the Dutch mountains: illustrations (colour)

A project I've been working on for a few years. I'm world building a concept, where I'm
combining Dutch folklore, myths and fantasy with the dutch present and past society.

In every illustration I'm trying to tell a story, that we are witnessing an actual event.
Like a photographer running around this word. Documenting this hidden world within ours.

Bobby de groot btdm pest control

Pest Control
Probably too dark, but everytime I made it more light or bright I liked it even less.

Bobby de groot bilateral deliberations

Bilateral deliberations
The more different colours enter the equation, the harder it gets.

Bobby de groot btdm accidental tourist color

Accidental tourist
Finally a colour attempt that works for me.

Bobby de groot bobby de groot btdm dark dealings at dawn color

Dark dealings at Dawn
Well, at least it is finished.

Bobby de groot bobby de groot btdm out for lunch color

Out to lunch.
Except for the car, I'm quite unhappy with the color result.

If anyone wants to take a shot at taking my drawings to the next level with colour. Let me know.